Facing serious legal and personal consequences

Being convicted of a drug-related crime may result in serious personal and professional hardships. You may lose your job, be expelled from school or experience alienation from your family and friends. Michel Fontaine has a proven record of successfully defending his clients charged with drug related offences.  If you have been charged with a drug offence, contact Michel Fontaine immediately to set up a consultation.

Dedicated defender of those charged with drug-related offences

If you find yourself on the wrong side of the law in a drug-related case, call Michel Fontaine.  Since being admitted to the Alberta bar in 1991 Michel Fontaine has represented clients charged with all types of drug-related crimes, including: 

  • Drug trafficking: the sale of, cultivation, or distribution of illegal substances.
  • Drug possession: having drugs on your person at the time arrest
  • And more

No matter what drug charges you face, rest assured that Michel Fontaine has the experience and ability to assist you in attaining the best possible results.  Since 1991 Michel Fontaine has been representing people charged with drug crimes throughout Alberta.  

Travel to many countries including the United States of America with a drug conviction can be extremely problematic.  Even a conviction for simple possession of marijuana may bar entry into a county, especially the United State of America.

Obtaining a pardon or obtaining a U.S. Waiver is very time consuming.  It can take years to obtain a pardon, only to discover the U.S. boarder does not recognize pardons.  U. S. waiver forms are extremely time consuming and can take months to complete.  Michel Fontaine has the knowledge and expertise to ensure that you are given the best defence possible when it comes to drug offences.  Any drug conviction is one too many.

Employers are increasingly reluctant to employ ANYBODY convicted of drug offences.

A drug conviction usually restricts travel and employment opportunities.  Hiring a criminal defence lawyer experienced with advancing the best possible defence is essential.  Michel Fontaine will work tirelessly to ensure you avoid a drug conviction.

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